Bespoke Gifts


Here at CI Liquor Co, what you see isn’t only what’s available. We have worked with several high profile corporate companies across the Channel islands, not only to provide gifts of our existing products, but to work together to build entirely new products. The possibilities are reasonably unlimited. On the simpler side, we are able to just change the Infusion stamp on each bottle to the name of your company, have the bottles wax-dipped in your brand colours or present them in gift boxes, or on the more involved side, we can design entire new flavours, labels, bottles, have wooden boxes laser-engraved with logos, there really isn’t much we can’t offer. To discuss your own individual ideas for corporate gifts, please contact us at


If you're looking for a hamper full of everything you'll need to get a party started, then you've found it! We offer two different sizes, Medium & Large Hampers, and you can fill them with as many of our products as you can fit in each. Obviously, due to this, prices can vary, so pop into our shop on South Pier, St. Helier and we can talk through what you might need. From a selection of local produce with a CI Liquor Co Twist, to cocktail making sets and Chocolate, we have can completely personalise your hamper for your needs!

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